As we expanded and moved into new product areas, we also strengthened the team accordingly, bringing in industry experts to support our product and market development. This enabled us to sell an ever growing range of speciality oils and fluids for premium products.

In 1995 we initiated a comprehensive quality programme which led to ISO 9001 Quality Management System accreditation. In 2009 we became one of the first European oil and chemical companies to achieve the updated ISO 9001:2008 registration.

We continually place significant importance on developing a strong supplier base and excellent working relationships with manufacturers around the globe. As a result, SIP now has one of the most comprehensive and established product portfolios covering a wide range of base fluids including hydrocracked, hydrotreated & isomerised dewaxed oils.

SIP’s current activities include marketing our products worldwide, with customers in more than 30 countries. We have long-term storage facilities strategically located in the UK and mainland Europe and business supported by local agents and local industry experts in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We are managed from our offices in Westminster Tower on the Albert Embankment in London.