However, the experience and knowledge of the SIP team adds significant value to this product range.

Within our team we have established experts in each of the industries we supply. They use their in-depth knowledge of those industries, combined with expertise in developing product formulations, to help customers select the best product solution for their individual requirements.

We work closely with our customers to agree specifications, suggest technical improvements, ensure legislative compliance and identify new opportunities to improve product performance and cost-effectiveness. When required, we will develop and blend customised formulations to meet specific needs and we advise on:

  • Specifying
  • Sourcing
  • Problem solving
  • Marketing support
  • Quality control
  • Compliance
  • Logistics and storage
  • Product development
  • Blending

Development of Base oils for Shock Absorber Fluids

Shock Absorber Fluids have complex formulations that use combinations of special base oils and a variety of additives. The performance of these blends are set by the manufactures of the Shock Absorber manufacturers (OEMs) and because of the varied nature of their requirements, there more than 20 different specifications that define the Shock Absorber Fluid market.

As there are no general industry standards the variety of characteristics, defined by these specifications, cover a wide range of Viscosities, Low Temp Fluidity, Volatilities, Flash points, Pour Points, Shear Stabilities and other performance requirements.

SIP has worked with a number of European oil companies, in combination with additive suppliers, to help design finished oil recommendations. These formulations have often have to have special combinations of base stocks combined with additives, especially Viscosity Modifiers, to meet these differing specification requirements. The oil blender then needs to present data on the blend to the appropriate OEM, in order to gain their approval.

SIP has carried out this type of development in the past in Poland for Delphi; in Turkey for ZF Sachs and in Belgium for COFAP.