Features of the ID and ID LP Series.

  • Low Temperature Fluidity.
    The high proportion of iso-paraffins lowers the crystallisation temperature of the oil, making these oils ideal for blending products that require low temperature fluidity and pour points.
  • Superior Oxidation / Thermal Stability.
    Under severe conditions, when blended with the appropriate additives, ID and ID LP base oils provide excellent oxidation and thermal stability, equivalent to that of Group IV polyalphaolefins (PAOs).
  • High VI.
    The high proportion of iso-paraffins gives high VIs of between 100 & 130, depending on viscosity.
  • Low Volatility.
    Due to their high iso-paraffinic content, these oils have low Noack volatility levels, which is especially important in high temperature applications.
  • Colourless / Odourless.
    Products are “water white” typically with a Saybolt colour of +30.
  • Purity.
    ID products are virtually free of undesirable aromatics, sulphur, nitrogen or oxygenated compounds. Coupled with this purity and stability, is the excellent additive response exhibited by these oils.

For a detailed breakdown of the ID and ID LP range and individual product features, please contact us for product specific technical data.

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