Features of the SIPLUBE S Series.

  • Excellent Oxidation Performance.
    SIPLUBE S base oils, combined with the appropriate additives, will provide excellent oxidation stability when compared to conventional solvent refined base oils. This will provide very long life with lower sludge levels in turbine oils. A TOST life of over 10,000 hours can be expected.
  • Health, Safety and Toxicity.
    SIPLUBE S oils are non-toxic, with only trace levels of polycyclic aromatics. FDA approved additives allow the production of lubricants meeting NSF H1 requirements for incidental food contact.
  • Colourless.
    The purity of SIPLUBE S products is demonstrated by their “water white” Saybolt colour of +30.
  • Low Volatility.
    This is an inherent quality due to the high paraffinic content of the oils. At the same viscosity, they have higher boiling points than naphthenic and aromatic oils.

For a detailed breakdown of the SIPLUBE S range and individual product features, please contact us for product specific technical data.

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