Features of the SIPTECH Series:

  • Health, and Safety:
    SIPTECH technical white oils are non-toxic as they have only trace levels of polycyclic aromatics. This enables them to be used in food grade lubricants conforming to the NSF H1 and HX1 performance for incidental food contact.
  • Colourless:
    The purity of the SIPTECH products is demonstrated by their “water white” with typical Saybolt colour of greater than +25.
  • Low odour:
    SIPTECH base fluids do not have the oily smell characteristic of solvent neutral and naphthenics oils.
  • Volatility and Flash Point:
    Relatively low volatility and high flash points compared with solvent neutral base stocks of equivalent viscosity.
  • High Thermal Stability:
    This feature of the SIPTECH oils makes them ideal for formulating heat transfer fluids.

Typical qualities for these technical white oils are:

  • Essentially nil aromatics
  • Narrow boiling range

NSF H1 and HX1 registrations have been obtained for a range of viscosities.

For a detailed breakdown of the SIPTECH range and individual product features, please contact us for product specific technical data.

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