Our solutions are delivering longer life, improved fuel economy, greater equipment protection, improved operational effectiveness over a wider temperature range and reduced impact upon the environment.

Premium industrial lubricants can be formulated using our superior base stocks with the appropriate additive packages for each specific application. They are formulated for greater thermal and oxidative stability, improved low temperature fluidity, better volatility and flash points, and they can be odourless and completely non-toxic.

With our experience across so many industry sectors, we can apply our knowledge and expertise to formulate premium quality lubricants and deliver speciality base oil solutions to meet today’s severest industrial applications. For example

  • our SIPLUBE S range is reducing oil consumption and extending lubricant life in turbines, compressors and gas engines around the world
  • our Isomerised Dewaxed ID oils are providing outstanding low temperature fluidity, low volatility, excellent thermal and oxidative stability for demanding applications in the textiles, aviation and metal rolling industries
  • for more than 10 years, our SIPMET water-white base oils have been the choice of lubricant blenders, as their low volatility and high compatibility help to reduce oil mist and improve occupational health & safety in industrial workshops.

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