Our water white oils offer the clear advantages of oxidative stability, low volatility, low odour and only trace aromatics; and many of our products also conform to US FDA CFR 178.3620(b) as suitable for incidental food contact.

For example:

  • our SIPSPRAY range of white oils is specifically designed for producing superior citrus crop protection oils, where occupational hygiene and minimising environmental impact are critical.
  • our specialist solutions for combustion products (such as lamp oils, gel candles and heating oils) are crystal clear and can be easily dyed/coloured. They have a low burning odour, exceptionally low toxicity and they are all classified as environmentally friendly.
  • we supply process oils and carrier fluids for the manufacture of defoamants in the paper and pulp manufacturing industry.
  • our SIPTECH fluids are used for printing ink distillates, offering good solvency and low volatility with no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).

Whatever the requirement, no matter how specialised or unusual, SIP have the expertise to specify and supply the fluid solution.

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