SIP’s highly flexible storage and delivery capability can be tailored to meet each customer’s requirements in terms of operational and cost efficiency. We also offer our expertise in logistics and supply chain management to advise customers on ways to improve their own logistics management.

Bulk storage is maintained at our logistics partner adpo in Antwerp, where we hold tanks of varying size to maintain flexibilty and take maximum advantage of global supply.

We can advise on the most appropriate delivery options including our own wide choice of ship, barge, iso-container, rail, truck, IBC, drum or flexibag. We can provide guidance on the best storage options/quantities and delivery scheduling to ensure consistent availability, without the customer needing to maintain high stock levels and expensive storage facilities. We can also advise on how to ensure / improve quality management throughout the supply chain.

SIP working instructions are critical to the integrity and quality of the SIP service and they include a comprehensive list of acceptable previous cargo's that must be adhered to for all customer collections.

Please contact the SIP Operations team at for any assistance in the supply chain management of SIP's products.